Sexism on Television

This is about a live talk show that was aired sometime back.

The host started with a news that a husband has cut off his wife’s breasts, mutilated her genitals and thrown her breasts into a garbage disposal “just because she asked for a divorce”. The audience burst out in laughter. The talk show host himself was all enjoying the news and other participants in the shows was all laughing out loud…

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Manan - The story of an adolescent boy

MananManan is the story of a boy who has attained puberty.

When we attain puberty we experience a lot of changes within us. A boy becomes a man. His voice changes, height increases, muscles show up and so are so many other traits.

All of us experienced puberty and these changes. Some of us grew older or became adult faster whereas some remained boy for a longer time – their voice remained childish,…

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An Unexpected Celebration

The Scene

Evening time!

The moon overlooking the white bunglow in a posh location in Bangalore is shining bright on a full moon day. A ray of light coming out through the gaps of heavy curtains on the other end of the glass windows tells the world that someone is there in the ground floor hall.

The owner of the bunglow is a successful businessman who needs to travel frequently for his business…

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Duplicity - Chapter 2

Team : Writers’ Express

Read the previous part of the story here

It was 10 in the morning. The slightly ajar window let the sunrays in. It directly hit his eyes. Last night was really long. He was reading Ashwin Sanghi’s new suspense thriller Private India and couldn’t afford to keep it pending midway. He didn’t want to get up so early but he had work to be completed. Last night Shailesh bhaiya…

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What Indian feminists need to learn from the life of Mary Kom






Mary Kom

[This article presumes that the incidents shown in the movie Mary Kom are real incidents]

Life of any successful person teaches us a lot of lessons and so is the life of the living legend, the pride of India, our boxing star M. C. Mary Kom. This story not only shows us the virtues of dedication, sacrifice and endless fight of a fighter, this also shows us the greatness of…

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Why India Needs Men’s Commission – A Study

The recent writ petition at Lucknow bench of Allahabad HC has created ripples in Indian society. This writ stresses on law misuse by women and the lack of protection of men from such law misuse as the reason behind demanding men’s commission. However, there are many such reasons that exist to setup a men’s commission as well as a men’s welfare ministry in India. Here are some of the reasons we…

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To date or not to date a single mom

I came across this article favoring dating single mothers –

15 Reasons to Date a Single Mom

and this article itself precisely reveal why NO ONE should date a single mother, here’s why? -

1. Tough and Independent – So she likes to be like that and DO NOT need any partner. In fact she should be let independent else a man will marry her and again end up in divorce and paying her alimony. 

2. Great…

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That Signature

He signed the dotted line…

Everyone around felt a sigh of relief. At last sanity prevailed in him.

Some people in that room hid their smile. With this signature their bank balance will grow, because there is no dearth of people like him. Men are increasingly made to be like him and buy peace. Only a few people wearing black suits know that he has just bought peace.

The other side…

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What does rape allegation against Indian minister’s son mean?

What does rape allegation against Indian minister’s son mean?

On 15th August India woke up with historic speech from their PM Mr. Narendra Modi as he addressed the nation on the occasion of India’s Independence Day. As it was his first address to the nation as a PM the whole nation was eagerly waiting to see him set a new yardstick for himself. He indeed do that same as he opened the speech with –

PMO Tweet

Indian men listened to his speech in shock as he accused…

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The two faced monster

The two faced monster

Hello ….my old friends who still proudly proclaim themselves as feminists. Do you realize that your hypocrisy is increasingly being exposed in our society every day? You might have played with our emotions in 1983 and exaggerated a few bride burning cases as nationwide phenomenon to pass IPC 498abut last 30 years of misuse of this act has shown us how this has strengthened the business of…

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