How Indian women are losing their value every day

One woman colleague of mine recently threatened me of filing sexual harassment complaint. Even though she was joking and it was only when we were discussing feminism in a lighter mood she said that but this light remark enlightened me of another dimension of women’s value in today’s life. We were discussing about my human rights blog and she was objecting saying I portray all women as criminals…

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My Crisis Angel

Crisis Angel

It was the year 2007. I was married for two years then. Except first six months of my marriage it was never a smooth sailing for us. Even though she was very young compared to me, she used to abuse me a lot. They were rich and she was beautiful. Even though in the initial days of our married life she used to behave well but after six months of our marriage she slowly started changing her…

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ICFAI professor kills his children

ICFAI professor killed his children

[I had taken good care of you. why you people(wife and in-laws) are trying to do injustice to me?
I had purchased what ever you wanted.I had done cooking for you. When you were pregnant i purchased a car for you because the bike journey is not good when you were pregnant.

You and your parents imprinted me as a criminal by filing false cases(498A..etc) on me. I am unable to bear the torture of…

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Survey on intimate partner violence against Indian men

Survey on intimate partner violence against Indian men

Domestic Violence against men This survey closes on 13th October, 2014 Survey results and reader comments will be available after survey closure

For the purpose of this survey husband/wife includes live-in partners as well

Physical Violence Take Our Poll Take Our Poll Take Our Poll Take Our Poll Sexual Violence Take Our Poll Take Our Poll Take Our Poll Take Our Poll Take Our Poll Take…

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Movie Review - Dawat-e-Ishq


Dawat-e-ishq is a movie that tries to justify the misuse of Prevention of cruelty by husbands and relatives act IPC 498a.

The movie starts with a flawed statistics that even if dowry is outlawed in India in the year 1961, still every hour one woman is killed for dowry. Movie shows an article from the Times of India to support the claim.

However, the movie fails to bring the truth to its viewers.…

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Duplicity - Chapter 10

Team : Writers’ Express (Round 2) Chapters – 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17


Writers'Express Logo

Logo courtesy – Anuradha Khanna Pentapalli

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There was such an absolute silence in the room that you could have heard a pin drop. The mistrust was evident on everyone’s face. Even though Cyrus had presented his side…

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Sexism on Television

This is about a live talk show that was aired sometime back.

The host started with a news that a husband has cut off his wife’s breasts, mutilated her genitals and thrown her breasts into a garbage disposal “just because she asked for a divorce”. The audience burst out in laughter. The talk show host himself was all enjoying the news and other participants in the shows was all laughing out loud…

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Manan - The story of an adolescent boy

MananManan is the story of a boy who has attained puberty.

When we attain puberty we experience a lot of changes within us. A boy becomes a man. His voice changes, height increases, muscles show up and so are so many other traits.

All of us experienced puberty and these changes. Some of us grew older or became adult faster whereas some remained boy for a longer time – their voice remained childish,…

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An Unexpected Celebration

The Scene

Evening time!

The moon overlooking the white bunglow in a posh location in Bangalore is shining bright on a full moon day. A ray of light coming out through the gaps of heavy curtains on the other end of the glass windows tells the world that someone is there in the ground floor hall.

The owner of the bunglow is a successful businessman who needs to travel frequently for his business…

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Duplicity - Chapter 2

Team : Writers’ Express

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It was 10 in the morning. The slightly ajar window let the sunrays in. It directly hit his eyes. Last night was really long. He was reading Ashwin Sanghi’s new suspense thriller Private India and couldn’t afford to keep it pending midway. He didn’t want to get up so early but he had work to be completed. Last night Shailesh bhaiya…

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